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Plan your Route 66 adventures!

Looking for the ideal vacation? Whether you're a college student in search of the perfect spring break, a family planning an entertaining (and maybe even educational) trip with the kids or a historian in search of links to the past, you'll find something to fall in love with on Historic Route 66. Below are a few links to help you find tourist information, advice and assistance in planning your Mother Road adventures. Travel well, and enjoy the journey!

Route 66 organizations
Illinois Route 66 Association
Missouri Route 66 Association
Kansas Historic Route 66 Association
Oklahoma Route 66 Association
Texas Old Route 66 Association
New Mexico Route 66 Association
Arizona Route 66 Association
California Route 66 Association
National Historic Route 66 Federation
Friends of the Mother Road
Discussion groups
Route 66 Yahoo! group
Discussion group consisting of nearly 1,000 Route 66 enthusiasts from around the world. Great place to get answers to any questions you have as you start your journey. Set your message delivery preferences to "digest only" or "no e-mail" to keep your inbox from getting flooded with messages, because this group likes to talk a LOT.
Route 66 News
Less active but slightly larger discussion group for Route 66 enthusiasts. Another good source of advice and information, although it tends to get hit by spammers a lot.
American Road group
Discussion group for two-lane road enthusiasts. Some are Route 66ers, but discussions frequently revolve around other blue highways, including U.S. 61, the National Road, the Lincoln Highway, etc.
General information
If it's happening on 66, it's probably here. A compendium of current events affecting the Mother Road, updated daily by my husband, journalist and diehard roadie Ron Warnick.
The best Route 66 maps money can buy.
Turn-by-turn directions, detailed information, etc. Kind of a clearinghouse for information about Route 66.
Michael Wallis
Michael's "Route 66: The Mother Road" is the best-known book about Route 66. Not a guidebook, but a great overview of the road, with lots of pictures and detailed descriptions to whet your appetite for a road trip. Try to put your hands on a copy before you get too far into your planning.
Tim Steil
Tim wrote "Route 66" for Motorbooks International. It's an interesting treatment of the road as it exists today. Well-written, with great tales from the highway accompanied by gorgeous photographs by Jim Luning. Tim's blog, like its owner, is irreverent and hilarious. If that offends you, skip the blog and just click on the link to buy the book. Great background research.
Bygone Byways
Great photos and information.
User-driven site featuring road-trip attractions and destinations from all over the country -- sort of a cross between a blog and a wiki for roadside kitsch enthusiasts.
Route 66 Magazine
Magazine devoted exclusively to Route 66.
American Road Magazine
Magazine about two-lane highways, including Route 66.
Loads of links to help you plan your trip.
Route 66 for Kids
Photos, information and advice for parents planning trips down Route 66 with their kids.
Places to eat
Stuff to see
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